Meet Dr. Williams

Practicing Dentistry for over 26 Years

The Tyrer FamilyDr. John Williams grew up in Jackson, TN. He comes from a large medical family: his dad was an orthodontist, two of his three brothers are doctors and three of this first cousins are all MD's. He has one son, Taylor, who is 24 and just graduated from UT Knoxville. Dr. Williams graduated from UT Knoxville in 1981, UT Memphis Dental school in 1986, and Vanderbilt with an MBA in 1988. He owned his own practice for 24 years and then decided he wanted a change of scenery and joined The Tyrer Dental Care Team. Dr. Williams loves to read and constantly learn new things. He enjoys the outdoors, riding his bicycle, playing golf, snow skiing and swimming. He also enjoys history and going to museums, art galleries and theaters.

He says, "I love dentistry because I am able to improve the health of my community." The joy I see in a person's face when I have restored their oral health and appearance makes everything I do worthwhile. In my brief time at Tyrer Dental Care, I have found the staff to be dedicated, caring, light-hearted, and well trained. This makes it easy for me to focus on the patients care and finding the right treatment option for each and every patient."