Cosmetic Dentistry

A Beautiful Smile in Just a Couple of Visits!

Our office offers two ways to whiten your smile

Teeth Whitening

1. ZOOM! Whitening: $525

> Occasionally have specials for $425 > Up to 8 shades whiter, 25% hydrogen peroxide in office > One day procedure > Includes whitening trays and 1 syringe of bleach

2. TAKE HOME BAGS: $275......... 2 OPTIONS:

A. For sensitive patients: wear trays for at least 2 hours once daily

> Impressions, upper and lower trays, 4 syringes 22% carbamide peroxide, take home bag

B. For general patients with no sensitivity issues or that only want to wear trays for a short amount of time: wear twice daily for 30 minutes.

> Impressions, upper and lower trays, 9 syringes of 14% hydrogen peroxide, take home bag


1. ZOOM PENS: $25:

> Touch up or boost for someone who has already whitened > Great for teenagers > 5.25% hydrogen peroxide > Brush on twice daily, will last for 2 weeks > Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after application


> Can be done after hygiene visit > Procedure takes 15 minutes in office, wear for 30 minutes after they leave (do not eat/drink while it is on) > Can do up to 4 times a year

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