How it's done

Two visits to your dentist are typically required for porcelain veneers. In the first visit, three actions are taken. Firstly, your teeth are prepared to be fitted with a veneer, which will involve trimming a portion of the tooth so the veneer can be bonded on top. Secondly, an impression is taken of your tooth which will be sent to a laboratory to prepare the veneer. Finally, you may receive a temporary veneer depending on how much of your tooth structure was removed. This temporary veneer will protect your tooth while the permanent veneer is prepared at the laboratory.

At the second visit, the temporary veneer, if you received one, will be removed. Then, the new veneer received from the laboratory will be checked and cemented on. Most of the time we check and adjust the day of your bonding, but in some cases, we may ask you go home and come back the next day for the best adjustment.

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