Do you become anxious as soon as you step into a dentist’s office? Have you been putting off dental care you need — such as gum disease treatment, root canal therapy, or restorative dentistry — because you fear the dentist? If so, sedation dentistry will put your fears to rest.

Oral sedation is safe.

It requires no injections and carries no risk of overmedication.

Oral sedation allows patients to comfortably receive treatment.

You will not feel groggy or nauseous after treatment, though you will need a companion to take you to and from the appointment.

Our dentists can administer extensive treatments in just one visit.

Sedation dentistry is the perfect solution for patients who have avoided the dentist for years and need a full course of general, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry treatments that might normally require several visits.

Sedation dentistry allows patients to relax.

This makes treatment easier for both you and your dentist.

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